Special versions


Special roller-bearing accessory versions? No problem for MFO!
MFO will fabricate all conceivable special roller-bearing accessory versions for you.
We keep the following special versions in stock or have already manufactured them for our customers:

 Special bores for locking and withdrawal sleeves
Special bores for repairs or special designs.
Common special bores ex warehouse, others on request.
 Left threads
Lock nuts according to DIN 981 with left threads ex warehouse.
Lock nuts or other standards with left threads on request
Adapter sleeves with left-hand threads on request.
 Stainless steel models
Lock nuts based on DIN 981 made of stainless steel no. 1.4301 in stock.
Lock nuts or other standards made from stainless steel on request
Locking washers according to DIN 5406 made of stainless steel 1.4301 to MB 30 ex warehouse.
Locking and withdrawal sleeves are available on request.
 Other special designs
Nothing is impossible: two-sided threading, excess lengths, split models and much more upon customer demand.

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